Autism Awareness Campaign at Bongani Regional Hospital

Lebo Mabe June 4, 2024 0


Bongani Regional Hospital held Autism awareness campaign to educate the community about Autism. The campaign was led by the MEC for Health, Ms Mathabo Leeto, who commended health officials at Bongani by taking initiative to ensure that the community of Thabong in Welkom are informed about Autism.

“It is responsibility of the Department of Health to conduct awareness about different diseases for the benefit of community, in prolonging their lives”, said MEC Leeto.

Meanwhile, she acknowledged the presence of family members who were present during the unveiling of the plague for clinical and non-clinical officials who passed on during COVID-19 working at Bongani Regional hospital.

Saying, they sacrificed their lives during a difficult time by remembering the oath they have taken to save lives under any circumstance. The Chief Executive Officer of Bongani Regional Hospital, Dr Sesi Noge said the hospital is currently seeing about 80 children with Autism around the area.

The hospital is assisting them with skills to prepare them for future development by providing occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy sessions. Psychologist and Social worker are also part of the programme as it is all inclusive package for Autistic children.

Dr Dina Bruwer, Paediatrician at Bongani Regional Hospital said Autism is a condition children are born with and people need to be educated about it with the right information.

Autism is a complicated condition where children think, act and communicate differently. It is important to know them and see how they are living in order to understand their condition. Dr. Bruwer explains Autism by comparing it with a rainbow, every child falls on the different end of the rainbow, not all are the same everyone is different.

Autism equals hyperactivity which is not always the case. Parents play an important role in the upbringing of these children with special needs.

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