African Vaccination Week in Meloding, Virginia

Lebo Mabe June 4, 2024 0


African vaccination week campaign was held in Meloding, Virginia to educate and inform community about the significance of vaccination..

Lejweleputswa Health District, supported by Maternal, Neonatal, Child, Woman’s Health, Nutrition, Health Promotion and Youth Health (MNCWHN & ISHP). Directorate conducted health education for
women and children.

Ms Mosidi Motampane, District Clinical Specialist in Lejweleputswa Health District, made a request to parents to take their children for vaccinated and keep the records of vaccination period. She made an example with Polio and Tuberculosis (TB) vaccines which are given to children when they are born to fight against opportunistic diseases.

After a certain period, they do receive vaccination for new viruses which are being detected in their environment. Young girls between the ages of 10-12 years are vaccinated for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) to prevent cancer of the cervix during their adulthood.

Ms Masebotsa Molelle, a professional nurse for Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) emphasised on cancer screening for early detection, because statistics have shown that most women are not screening for Pap Smear, which is very important to detect cancer of the cervix. The health professionals will advice further once they have discovered cancer of the cervix, as it is now common in older women above the age of 35 years. Women are being encouraged to go for Pap Smear screening, as early as possible and save their lives.

Ms Lumka Mangoejane, Director for Maternal, Child, Woman’s Health, Nutrition, Health Promotion and Youth Health (MNCWHN & ISHP) Directorate, supported the programme by encouraging the parents to keep records of vaccination for their children, by not missing even a single one. It is therefore important to consult their nearest clinic if they need clarity on vaccination.

The children will be healthy when they complete vaccination period, because their bodies will be able to fight any virus that comes along the way. “The community members should go
and spread the word about vaccination with free services from the public facilities”, said Ms Mangoejane. The MEC for Health, Ms Mathabo Leeto visited MUCPP during the African Vaccination Week for flu vaccine.

She interacted with patients at the waiting area, informing them about the importance of vaccination for new born babies, until they complete at a specific age according to the health chart.
During the winter season MEC Leeto, encouraged the community to vaccinate for flu because each season the virus can be extreme and keep people sick, therefore flu vaccine is recommended for everyone.

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